Our Best Fight against Cancer

Generations of Women is the first OBGYN practice in the Fredericksburg area to offer the MyRisk hereditary cancer panel, which includes Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer syndrome (BRACAnalysis, BRCA1/2). We are passionate about fighting cancer and are committed to helping families identify cancer risks that may be caused by a genetic mutation passed on from generation to generation. Which is why every patient gets screened regardless of the purpose of their appointment. This is the only hereditary cancer test that provides information about your risk and management based on both personal/family cancer history and your genetic results.

  • October may be Over but the Fight Against Cancer is not!

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    During the month of October, when cancer awareness was at its height, Generations of Women OBGYN identified over 70 patients who qualified for genetic testing. What was most astonishing is that many of those patients were already cancer survivors and had still not been screened! In mid-October we partnered with the American Cancer Society to put on the “making strides Continue Reading...